What is Capture Creatures?

Capture Creatures is a comic book series about two kids who work in a science lab together, trespass a a mysterious island, and find creatures with powers. They stick with a creature who looks like a red panda, has fire powers, is very cute, and was the first one they found falling down a tree. Meanwhile, Mr. Bear, another scientist, tries to find them, and eventually does, but another scientist that works with him scares the red panda, which the red panda runs.

So they follow it, and there adventure starts around the island! They find other creatures, and also get beat up by huge monsters. So now they’re stuck in the island, and meet a mysterious masked guy, who eventually at the end, turns out to be a villain, and brings a huge wolf monster with him, and tries to kill the scientist. But the scientist won, and they actually become friends with the wolf.