Mercury is the smallest closest planet to the Sun. Since its so close to the Sun, Mercury’s side that’s facing the Suns temperature is about 800 degrees Fahrenheit.Mercury also has a lot of craters that were caused by asteroids. Mercury has no moons or rings.


Venus is the second planet in the solar system, and it’s also the second brightest object. Venus is also very hot and its temperature is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Venus is covered in a lot of Carbon Dioxide ( CO₂ ). Since Venus barely has water, the clouds on Venus rain acid. This planet has no moons or rings.


Earth is the third planet from the Sun, and is our home. The Earth is the perfect distance from the Sun, so that the Earth doesn’t burn, or freeze. If it was closer, the ocean would be gone. Earth is tilted in an angle that causes the seasons. Also, Earth is the only planet to be known with life. Earth contains nitrogen, and oxygen, so that’s why there’s life. Earth has 1 moon, the Moon, and no rings.


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. Mars is very red, and contains a lot of carbon dioxide, so you wouldn’t be able to live up there with out a space suit. Scientist have discovered that Mars has ice in it so they guessed that mars had life before. Mars has 2 moons, Phobos and Deimos, and is predicted to have 1 ring from pieces of Phobos.