The Apartheid

The Apartheid is a law of South Africa that separates people into groups of Europeans, Colored, and Africans. For example, the Europeans can choose to live wherever they want, they can get any jobs, and they can go to any places they want. For Africans, they can only choose certain jobs which are being teachers, nurses, and doctors only for blacks, and they can only live in a community with other Africans. Africans can’t go to certain places like theaters, they can’t go to restaurants that are for Europeans only, and the Africans are separated in buses and trains. For the Colored, they are just like the Africans, except that their communities get more money from the government. That means they have better homes, education, roads, jobs, and more.

During the Apartheid, the government of South Africa uses a method called the pencil test which tells if you are either an African, or colored. The way it works is that the government put a pencil on top of an African. If it falls, the African is considered colored. But if it stays, the person is still considered an African. Many Africans used this method to change from being Africans, to being Colored. That way, their life will be a bit easier and better. Also, all Asians were Colored but Japanese were Europeans.

How Winnie Mandela Helped

Winnie Mandela was born in September 26, 1936. She was a South African anti-Apartheid activist. During when Nelson Mandela was protesting the Apartheid, he got arrested. Winnie Mandela continued to protest, and fought back against the Apartheid. She got attention from everyone around the world and told them about the Apartheid situation and what happened to Nelson Mandela. One important event she started was when she and a whole group of women protested the Pass Books, which is a book that is used to track Africans from the government. She was arrested along with 1,000 other women. When it was her time to leave, she decided to stay for 2 weeks longer. This event was important because it was on the news and gave attention to everyone in the world. They now call her “Mother Of the Nation”.

What Will It Be For Me During The Apartheid?

If I was in the Apartheid, I wouldn’t feel good at all, and my life would be unfortunate. I would have to beg a shopkeeper in order to get food, I wouldn’t get to do anything I feel like doing, and I would be poor. Also, I can’t choose where to live, I can only choose certain jobs, and I can only go to a colored community. So, I would rather live in today’s world where I am living because I would have freedom. That’s because I can do anything I want to do, I could go to any place, I can decide to pick any job I want, and I would earn and collect lots of money if I do well in education.