What made Muhammad Ali so famous?

Muhammad Ali won a gold medal in the Olympics, and he also won the World Heavyweight Championship at the age of 22.

In 1955, the Vietnam war which was a fight between North Vietnam, and South Vietnam, was happening. In America, there was a draft lottery, that randomly selected only men to join the U.S. military. Ali was one of the men to be chosen, but he refused to enter the war. He protested that he didn’t want to kill people. He said that his religious beliefs have changed, and he disagreed with the war. Ali got arrested for what he claimed, and was said to be put in prison for about 5 years. His lawyers kept him out of prison, but he then was banned from boxing for 3 years. He lost his titles, and everything that was important to him. Ali even had to pay an $10,000 fine. Later, Ali started to speak against the Vietnam War to many colleges. The colleges invited him because some of the people in the colleges were also against the war, and because what Muhammad Ali did inspired them. Then in 1970, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered to reinstate Ali’s boxing licenses, and in the following year, the Supreme Court also dropped his charges. He came back to the ring and fought again.

Other things he did:

Muhammad Ali was a boxer, a Civil Rights activist, and a generous donor. He became a Civil Rights activist from protesting against the unfair laws against the black people. He became a generous donor because of his religion. He started to focus on doing charity for his belief. Just by donating, he helped about over 22 million people that had nothing to eat.

Fun Facts:

Here are some fun facts about Muhammad Ali:

  • Muhammad Ali’s name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. But since he changed his religion, he wanted to change his name into an Islamic name which was Muhammad Ali.
  • Ali died from a disease called Septic Shock, a disease that lowers your blood pressure.
  • He became a boxer just because his bike was stolen when he was little. He said he would have “whupped” the person who stole his bike.
  • He punched a police in his first fight.

Seeing Muhammad Ali’s star in Hollywood!

I was in Hollywood during Spring Break, and there was a street called the “Walk of Fame”. There would be stars placed on the sidewalk, with many famous people name on the stars. Muhammad Ali was one of them because of what he did during his life. He was a great boxer, he protested the Vietnam War, experienced what it was like to get arrested, and all the other famous events he did which led to him being a star in Hollywood. But his was separated from the other stars, and placed onto a wall, because he doesn’t want other people to walk on top of the star, since the name Muhammad is a prophet of Islam.